The Tahini meets The Eggplant, still a better love story than Twilight.

Grilled eggplant drizzled with Tahini dip and covered with roasted Pine Nuts.

Hello Friends

Today, when I was getting ready to cook our dinner, I saw Mr. eggplant at the corner of my eyes, he was laying there, looked very fleshy and ready to delight my taste buds…

I was trying to decide what to make from it and have chosen to go for one of my favorite dishes from home.

The recipe is so easy to follow, Just as we like it here at Cheeky Pea crow, so let’s get started, shall we?


  • One Big Flashy Eggplant
  • The amazing Cheeky Pea Tahini Dip ( r you can buy our tahini paste and make your own dip)
  • Some Parsley and Coriander leaves
  • 2 TBS Pine Nuts
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVO)
  • Salt

Now that you gathered everything you need you can start with the fun part!

  • Stab your beloved eggplant with a fork, making a lot of nice little holes. Wrap it in aluminum foil and then place it on the barbie, or directly on your gas stove or throw it straight on the charcoal left by your campfire, if you feel like Bear Grills.
  • While it is cooking, warm up a pan, add the pine nuts and toast them for a few minutes until they get a nice golden color.
  • Do not forget to keep turning the eggplant with your thongs until it nicely softens up. Now you can remove it.
  • Take the foil off and cut it in half, leaving one side attached (butterfly cut). Drain all the liquid you can from the inside.
  • Put the eggplant on a nice dish, add a nice layer of Tahini Dip, the parsley and coriander leaves, the toasted pine nuts, EVO, and salt.
  • Take a moment to admire your creation. It’s ok to feel proud, we always do!
  • Serve it warm or at room temperature, as you prefer, and feed the people you love!

How yummy and easy is it? We hope you will love it as much as we do! and please feel free to leave your comments below.




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