Any Questions?

Do you sell raw, frozen or cooked?

Our range gives you the option to find out what best suits your needs.

  • Cooked Ball:

Get our falafel balls already cooked or par-cooked: which will let you complete the cooking with only 1-2 minutes in the deep fryer, oven or salamander.

  • Raw Mix:

The Raw Mix is perfect for you to play around with. Unleash you creativity and discover how many things you can do: check our recipe for inspiration.

  • Frozen:

Our frozen pre-shaped products goes seamlessly from the freezer strait into the fryer with an amazing result. It’s ideal to save your wastage and time

Is your mix gluten free?

We proudly offer a completely gluten free product without compromising on texture and flavour.

What is the Falafel Patty / Burger?

Cheeky Pea’s falafel patty or burger is a very popular choice for vegetarian diners and stands out from the rest. You can use them inside a burger bun (we personally love the milk bun combination), inside a lettuce leaf or on a plate with some salads and tahini on top.

What is the falafel shelf life?

  • Mix:

The mix can be kept in the fridge (under 4c) for up to 6 days or in the freezer for up to 2 months.

  • Cooked Falafel balls:

It can be kept in the fridge for up to 5 days but if you can freeze them you will enjoy better results. They can be defrosted on a microwave for 30 sec or in the oven (180 cel) for 4 min and we can guarantee they will come out exactly the same!

  • Frozen raw & shaped:

It can be kept in the freezer for up to 2 month.

What are the quantities you work by?

We work by the kilo with all our products. One kg balls will result in around 50 pre made Falafels of 20gr each. The mix comes in 5kg buckets which will ends in different amounts depending on how you use it. One kg patties will result in 10 patties of 90grams each

Can I re-heat the cooked balls?

You sure can, either in oven, microwave or even in your sandwich press.

What are the nutritious benefits of Falafel?

With so many of them we had to choose a few:

  • Falafel contains lots of vitamin c, iron, calcium and many minerals as well (from the fresh garlic and herbs)
  • It is rich in plant protein with about 2 gr per ball, falafel stand in handily for red meat.
  • 3 falafel balls gives you about 26% of the daily recommended fibre and as a result, falafel can improve digestive system and decrees the absorbance of both cholesterol and simple sugar.

I’m not sure how to incorporate Falafel into my existing menu, can you help me with that?

We surely do! Our Chef will meet with you, go over your menu and will provide you with a few ideas for dishes, plating and serving options. You can also visit our recipe page for some inspiration.

Where and When do you deliver?

We deliver to businesses in Sydney area, usually on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday (but feel free to contact us if you have special requirements)

Our delivery is free of charge for orders over 50$ (Sydney metro area) and if you need more than one delivery a week we can do it because quality comes first!!

How can I place an order?

Simply contact us and let us know your order. If you are a wholesaler/retailer contact us for some sample.

And if you have any other question that we have missed please don’t hesitate to contact us at

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