Like our product, so is our team.

A cheeky combination of traditional bold Mediterranean flavors balanced with a dash of European finesse!

We’re a small team of two who paired in an effort to create the ultimate falafel experience:

Nutritious YET delicious
Traditional YET contemporary
Golden YET green
Cheeky YET polite (well, not really 😊)

Our young business has quickly grown to be the provider of some of Sydney’s leading restaurants, cafés, delis and catering and we believe it’s not just because of our unique recipe, but also due to our persistence to stick to the highest standards of ingredients, production, delivery and service.


  • Consistency Guaranteed!
  • Made to order, every day.
  • Our mix is ready to cook, no additional ingredients needed.
  • Our falafel balls are delicious whether served warm or cold.
  • Bespoke - cause no one knows your clients better than you.
  • Sealed with a smile and served with cheekiness.

We invite to join our community of Falafel lovers!

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