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Our 5Kg boxes, 1Kg/500g stand up pouches will accomodate any kind of business.
Our Products are specifically design to help businesses achieve great results
without any effort.
Below you can see how our products range adapt to all the different challenges food industrie encounters.
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Food Distributors

Many distributor's customers are looking for vegan and vegetarian options, like Falafel, to add to their menus and increase their catering offer.
However not many falafel suppliers can showcase an artisan product delicious yet nutritious, moist inside yet crunchy, falafel like ours.
Our Raw Frozen range is ideal for you! We make sure our production process keeps the highest quality standard whilst making the storage such a breeze!

Deli & Retail

With Middle Eastern foods becoming very popular among consumers, it is crucial that deli counters offer the right mix of products to satisfy their customers’ needs. Cheeky Pea is proud to offer its Falafel in bulk for use in sandwiches, party trays or to be sold by the unit in your deli section. Our Frozen Yet Fresh range can also be a protagonist in your freezer section and will offer your clients a high quality, home style product to cook in their kitchens.They are sold to the retail customer in eye-catching pouches and come in 2 versions: Gluten Free and Classic. With a long shelf life and being easy to prepare, Cheeky Pea’s Falafels are a must have product.


Cheeky Pea is proud to partner with numerous Franchisee throughout Sydney area. In addition to the benefits of adding falafel to your menu, we offer our top notch quality, consistency and easy to storage format to make Cheeky Pea’s Falafels the perfect choice for any multi-site food business!

Quick service & Fast food Restaurant

Cheeky Pea is proud to provide Falafels to quick service restaurants across Sydney area. Commonly served in sandwiches, wraps or a salads, Falafels are an ideal choice with the new growing trend of ‘eat less meat’ that is looking for different sources of proteins to add to their meals.

Casual/Fine dining Restaurant

In recent years, Falafel dishes have been finding their way into the menus of casual and fine dining restaurants across the Country.
We, the team behind Cheeky Pea’s success, just can’t get enough of seeing our clients picking their brain, using their imagination and putting their skills into creating some amazing dishes with our Falafels!
Who would have thought that Falafels can become a gourmet dish?

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